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365 Ways to Get Results: Day #48: The “Goals-to-Results-Now Worksheet”

How you are doing on your New Year’s Eve resolutions? Terrible? Most people find resolutions hard to keep. Why? Because they have no foundation to support your desired change in habit.

This year I gave my clients a “Goals-to-Results-Now Worksheet” and I am sharing it with you here free. This tool will give you a vision, a plan of action and results. At the end of this newsletter I will share with you the difference it has made in my life in just a few weeks. You may cut and paste this tool into a Word document to get started today or click on the link at the end of this blog for a free PDF version of the worksheet that allows you to pencil your plan into each section.

The Goals-to-Results-Now Worksheet

Answer these life-defining questions to create your plan with steps you can execute today.

1. What are 10 things I want to be?

2. What are 10 Things I want to do?

3. What are 10 things I want to have?

4. What are 10 Five-Year Goals that will help me accomplish questions #1 to #3? Make them SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results Oriented and Time Framed. Make them vibrant and heartfelt!

5. Now back into your goals by listing 10 One-Year Goals you have accomplished at the end of one year that got you on your way to your Five-Year Goals. Be sure to list these in the past tense such as “I have __________”

6. List five 30-Day Challenges you will start to get you closer to your one-year accomplishments? Ie: I will organize one part of my home for at least 30 minutes every day for 30 days.” or “I will do one thing every day to create buzz around my business such as creating a contest, posting on a forum, joining a Linked In group etc.”

Here are just a few ways this worksheet has made a difference in my life since I completed my 2012 version three weeks ago.

1. Under #1, I have written 40 pages of a new book for a Goals-to-Results Workshop I will offer this spring on “Creating a Vision and a Plan for Your Life or Business.”

2. Under #1, I wanted to tie up loose ends regarding fitness and health. I made an appointment with an eye surgeon to address a lazy eye issue that had been dogging me for a year to find that I don’t yet need surgery – just new glasses with prism.

3. Under #2, I wanted to volunteer somewhere purposeful and made a few calls. Last week the Small Business Administration called me to be a volunteer for their volunteer agency – SCORE with the first meeting in February.

4. Under #5, I have changed the focus of my website to be more Goals-to-Results oriented as opposed to starting over oriented as my coaching practice is more focused on small business and leadership.

5. Under #6, I have engaged Constant Contact as a tool to create this newsletter and build my email list.

6. Under #9, I am working on my 30-Day Challenge of organizing and purging a particular section of my home just about every day. Since I began I have cleaned out closets, the disarray under my bed, my garage, the laundry room and more. I’ve kept it up for 11 days.

These are just a few examples of the many things I have accomplished in just a few weeks using this Goals-to-Results Worksheet. It’s hard to get going when you aren’t sure where you want to be. Use this tool to open the vision for purposeful work, personal life and fulfillment with a Goals-to-Results strategy. Start now!

Click for the link to the PDF version of The Goals-to-Results-Now Worksheet.

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Mary Lee Gannon is the president of StartingOverNow.com – Leading Productivity Solutions for People and Organizations. Mary Lee is a graduate of The Duquesne University Professional Coaching Program and an alumnus of the 2010 Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital Coaching in Medicine & Leadership Conference. Her personal turnaround came as a stay-at-home mother, with four children under seven-years-old, who endured a divorce that took she and the children from the country club life to public assistance from where within a short time she worked to the level of CEO. Services include: Workshops, Meeting Facilitation, Coaching, Webinars, Speaking and Management Consulting. Areas of Specialty: Strategic Planning / Board Development / Healthcare / Public Relations / Goal Setting / Meeting Facilitation / Acountability / Leadership / Time Management / Life/Career Transition. Her book “Starting Over – 25 Rules for When You’ve Bottomed Out” is available in bookstores or at Amazon. Get her FREE ebook – “Grow Productivity – A Leader’s Toolbox” on her web site at www.StartingOverNow.com.