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365 Ways to Start Over: Day #43 – The Vision Exercise: Define What You Want

People search for decades for what will make them happy – material goods, a spouse, a home, vacations, freedom, better health, etc. Usually they frame happiness in the caveat of “more.” If only I were a little more thin, more healthy, more rich, had more time, more friends, etc. “More” is not a qualifier for vision. You can’t ultimately end up in a fulfilling place if you cannot define that which fulfills you.

When you craft your vision make it the best, richest, juiciest, scariest vision you can imagine! Do NOT take into consideration what you perceive today to be possible. Only consider your perfect dream – your friends, your home, your family, your creative outlets, your relationships, your physical and spiritual well-being, the amount of money you are making, your investments, who is in your life, how you contribute to the world… This is a working document. You will add to this daily or weekly if you like. Your desires will become more vivid as you get “unstuck” and rid yourself of gremlins and limiting beliefs that are in the way. You will achieve a broader fulfillment as you continue to add detail. You will more sustain a path to your purpose as you define with specifics of what makes you happy. What did you do as a child that made you smile? What makes your heart sing? Remember a time when everything was in harmony – your mind, your body and your spirit – what were you doing?

Your “Vision” begins with a Vision Statement. The exercise to draft this statement will help to open doors of possibilities for you.

The Vision Exercise

To draft your Vision Statement begin in a very quiet place with no distractions. Listen to yourself breath. Feel the temperature of the room and your skin against your clothes as you relax into a comfortable position. Take a deep breath. Feel clean energy migrate into your body and extend to your arms and legs – fingers and toes. Your mind is empty and calm as you accept what it is to be at peace.

Now you are being encircled by a tranquil force that envelops you and moves you into another time and place. It is a serene journey where you feel safe and appreciated and protected. Your serenity begins to fill with exhilaration as you anticipate something wonderful is about to happen to you. You are breathing more deeply and your cheeks feel warm. Where you are going smells fresh and new. You begin to hear soft sounds of nature. There is a house before you that is beautiful. The house has a porch and you walk up to the porch and knock on the door. The door opens and standing before you is yourself 10 years from now. You are peaceful and happy. Now start to write things down. This is your ‘Vision Statement.’

What is going on in that house? Who else is there? What does the house look like? What and who is in the yard? What papers and books are around? What interest are you exploring? Write details, specifics. What colors do you see? What do you smell? Where do you go during the day? During the night? What are you doing? How are you serving? What do you taste? What do you feel? What do you hear? What are you feeling? What are you saying yes to? What are you saying no to? What have you made time for? What have you eliminated? What is the state of the people you are around?

This is where you are called to be. Study what you have written. Enhance it. Add to it every week. And watch it happen! Start now!

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