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365 Ways to Start Over: Day #40 – A September 11th Message – Love vs Evil in Your Life

On this 10 year anniversary of the single broadest demonstration of evil in this millennium, I extend to you the notion that love always has and always will prevail. On a bright sunny morning in the eastern United States three regions were indelibly touched by the dark hand of iniquity on September 11th, 2001. Precious lives were lost. Families were broken apart. And fear and anger held a nation hostage.

We mourned. We bought flags. We sang patriotic songs typically reserved for national holidays. We found comfort in faith. And we saluted the men and women of our country that paid the ultimate sacrifice in trying to save the innocent people who were randomly executed that day.

Ten years later – what do you remember? Is it the names of those who carried out this atrocity? Do you remember what they look like? Do you remember their families? Or do you remember the indelible images of first responders with shock on their faces rushing into the buildings wearing heavy gear and oxygen tanks hoping to make a difference. Or the faces of family members whose loved ones would not abandon a fallen colleague in a stairwell. Or civilian air passengers who risked everything to save a destruction of the leadership of this nation.

Evil is simple. It is on the surface, has no rules or boundaries and takes no prisoners. Everything is justifiable. The problem is – it is never satisfied. Love is simpler for in it comes peace. It permeates the shallow façade of what the weak value and envelopes the soul in an embrace so strong its steadfastness denies entry to interlopers. Wickedness can only knock on its door of inclusion and warmth and service to others. Evil offers no reward.

Peace to you this September 11th. And peace to those you love and care about. May the remembrance of September 11th inspire you to demonstrate an act of love and kindness today. And may it bring you peace.

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