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365 Ways to Start Over: Day #39 – Listen to the Silence

Every day is full of noise. You have external noise – the chatter of people, traffic, planes trains, music, animals, industry. And you have internal noise – your own headtrash telling you to worry, feel guilty, get busy, relax, exercise, volunteer, forgive, forget, get more, let go.

When do you actually sit alone in a place without any visual or auditory distractions and calm your mind enough to hear nothing but silence? It’s difficult to do. Try it – for 15 minutes. Then listen to what comes your way.

If after you have found a quiet place any internal headtrash invades your peace, sweep it away. Allow only silence and nature to penetrate your mind. Hear what you haven’t heard before? What are you called to? What are the new possibilities? What is the wisdom? Start now!

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