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365 Ways to Start Over: Day #34 – Don’t Say What You Don’t Want

We attract what we think. When we think something often enough we begin to say it as well. Then it becomes inevitable that what we say starts to actually happen. Make sure what you say is what you want. And don’t say what you don’t want.

Think of the last time you complained about something. Did it seem as if what you were complaining about kept showing up? Did you ever hear yourself saying, “Why does this bad stuff always keep happening to me” only to find that your bad luck continued? When you want to lose weight do you find yourself perseverating on being “fat?”

Do you ever hear yourself pointing out negative behavior in a child or a friend? “Your room is a mess.” “You’re making a bad choice again.” “If you don’t work harder you’ll never get anywhere.” They hear, “You’re a mess.” “You have bad judgment.” And “You’re lazy and will end up a looser.”

The next time that you feel as if you are the victim of a negative situation say, “Now it’s time for good things to come my way.” Or when you feel a craving to eat something that has more calories than necessary say to yourself, “I am thin.” And I bet you will pass on the indulgence.

Tell others, “Your bedroom will be beautiful and you’ll find the things you need so easily after it is organized.” “How would you apply your good judgment to tackle this problem?” And “I can see you someday as a leader in business with the skills to get anything done that you wish.”

Say what you want and it will happen. Start now!

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