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365 Ways to Start Over: Day #27 – Get a Dog

I know. It sounds crazy. You hardly sleep well as it is and now you should scramble out of bed in the middle of the night, trip down the stairs in the dark and fumble your way to the door just to stand in a rainstorm until your dog goes potty? You barely have enough time to get yourself ready for work in the morning and you should set your alarm 45 minutes early just to feed, train and play with a dog? When you get home after work you barely have enough energy to cook dinner and now you should devote an hour to exercising your dog? WHY?

Because dogs are the most unassuming and purely loving creatures you will ever meet. There is no personal agenda with a dog. What you put into them, you get out of them. If you care for them, train them and exercise them, they will behave and provide you with love and some of the most memorable moments of your life. If you don’t, they will do what they know and that is chew, potty and run – chew your shoes, potty in the house, and run wild.

Caring for something reminds you that you have value and are important. A dog will remind you just how important you are every time he or she sees you. No matter how bad your or their day was when you walk in the door they greet you as if you had a T-bone steak strapped to your chest. They teach you to spend more time having fun since to them everything is a game. Take out the garbage and they want to tug on the bag. Mop the floor and they size up the mop like the enemy, ducking behind cabinets and leaping out like Batman. You will never again have to throw away tennis balls, worn socks or old stuffed animals.

Additionally, retraining yourself in a new routine helps you realize that you can adjust to a new schedule, living beings, and tasks – that you can learn new things, affect change and create bonds. You stop dwelling on what is wrong in your life because you are too busy taking dog training lessons, leash walking your dog and discovering new dog treats you never even knew existed. You are meaningful to a dog, so meaningful that they will never let you forget it or take you for granted. It just isn’t in their makeup to do so.

Together you and your dog will learn how to be considerate of others, go without, never be bored, enjoy, love, be disciplined, modify, appreciate, learn new things, try new things, get in shape, structure your schedule, understand cause and effect, think of others, be healthy. You and your dog will revolutionize the world. Start now!

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Mary Lee Gannon is the president of Gannon Group – an executive coaching and consulting firm that produces higher individual and organizational performance through Executive Leadership Coaching, Fundraising Coaching, Organizational Development, Board Retreats, Visioning, and Planning. Mary Lee’s personal turnaround came as a stay-at-home mother, with four children under seven-years-old, who endured a divorce that took she and the children from the country club life to public assistance from where within a short time she worked up to the level of CEO. Her book “Starting Over – 25 Rules for When You’ve Bottomed Out” is available in bookstores or at Amazon. Get her FREE ebook – “Grow Productivity – A Leader’s Toolbox” on her web site at www.StartingOverNow.com.