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365 Ways to Start Over: Day#1 Life is Cool – Pay Attention!

Once upon a time I was a lifeguard. Do you remember when life was so perfect that you saw all your friends every day, you had a warm meal cooked for you at a table with every member of your family every night and your only challenge was which piece of candy to buy on the way home from school? Did you realize how cool that was back then?

When I was a teenager and lifeguard at our local pool I was happy to have that job but at the time I didn’t realize how really cool it was. I could have been working retail hours with people I didn’t know. I could have been wearing a uniform that made me look like a hamburger ad. I could have been doing a lot of less productive things but I had the luxury of working in the sun all day guarding the people in my community and eating free food on breaks.

Life is still that great – so great and so short that there are things we will want to appreciate today and remember a decade from now. What went on in your day today that 10 to 20 years from now you will remember as cool? Did someone pay for lunch? Did someone call you to chat just because they value your opinion? Did you wake up in a house full of energy and enthusiasm even if it seemed a little chaotic? And how will you celebrate the marvel of that today!

Life is cool every day. Listen to the silence. Pay attention!

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