Publicity from a credible source can give you instant credibility. Editorial coverage in a respected newspaper, blog, Web site, podcast or radio interview or feature on YouTube is more highly regarded than advertising. Maintaining high profile attention within a specialty increases, credibility. Become an expert. Publicity can bring you in contact with peers throughout the business community. Publicity activities open doors to mentors and gatekeepers. Publicity coverage is free. But how do you get it?

Get creative. There are a number of ways everyday people have become famous. Below is a list of inventive ways to get publicity. Think of what venue you can use to publicize these newsworthy feats. Will you launch a press release on your Web site about a contest? Will you distribute an article on your area of expertise to article directories? Will you gather local media email addresses off Web sites and email them a press release on your latest service featuring the difference it makes on a timely issue in the news? Whatever you do, make it innovative, different and timely.

15 Ways to Make Yourself Newsworthy

1. Take a poll or conduct a survey.
2. Issue a proclamation or hold a celebration.
3. Announce novel observations and discoveries.
4. Report unusual or human interest stories.
5. Hold a contest.
6. Sponsor an award.
7. Host or sponsor a special event.
8. Give a valuable but unusual donation.
9. Introduce a novel twist.
10. Create a commemorative month or day.
11. Involve a celebrity.
12. Take on a cause.
13. Establish a seal of approval.
14. Compile a list of hot tips or fascination facts.
15. Form an organization.

Start now!

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